About mgmtarticles.com

Time is becoming an increasingly precious and scarce commodity. At the same time, the role of knowledge in the economy is becoming increasingly important and thus arises a need for continuous education. Naturally, these two facts are in conflict. My goal is to help you reconcile that conflict by posting annotated links to best-of-the-Web business-related articles.

I have been reading from a long list of online sources of articles since late 1999, when I launched MBA Depot, a free resource for MBAs, entrepreneurs and managers. The problem I have found is that even my favorite sources produce quite a lot of material that isn’t really all that worthy of reading. Luckily for you, I read through all of them and reference just the ones that are worth your time to read. My core editorial rule is that an article is worth reading if it has one or more learning points and that it more or less timeless (e.g., you would benefit from reading it whether today or 10 years from now).

About Your Editor

My name is Jeff Blum and I am a digital nomad and location independent entrepreneur specializing in the curation of online information focused on the fields of business, travel, language, productivity, and technology.

I studied electrical engineering, political science and economics at the University of Rochester in New York and I am a graduate of the MBA program at the University of Texas at Austin.

I have worked at Fortune 50 firms as well as small startups in a variety of positions, including: engineering, finance, marketing, strategy, operations, and human resources. I have started my own companies and I have consulted for others. I have also lived and worked in the following countries: Japan, Guatemala, Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, Spain and Thailand (my current base).